22nd September 2017


SIGNIFICANCE OF MOBILE APPS IN THE GROWTH OF IOT The introduction and growing implementation of mobile apps have brought a sea change in the technology landscape in the last one decade. Mobile apps are not only accountable for driving the growth of businesses across the world, but they are playing an equally important role in enhancing the lifestyle of the people. Mobile Apps Are Making Human Life Simpler As far as the impact of mobile apps on human life is concerned, they are making it really simple for people when it comes to shopping, watching their favorite TV programs online, […]
23rd June 2016

AngularJS and Ionic for App Development – The Ultimate Combination

As mobile apps have already transformed our work habits and browsing patterns, the ways of app development has also been through a lot fresh changes. Of late, there are a lot of cutting-edge tools, frameworks and platforms that have eased the task of developers. Designers can now create incredibly useful and high-end mobile apps easily. Consequently, it provides plenty of user-centric and helpful app to organizations as well as businesses to improve their overall business presence through their mobile app. Ionic is a new entry in the range of hybrid mobile app development platforms. Basically, it is a front-end SDK […]
23rd June 2016

How Much Does An App Like WhatsApp Cost?

With mobile messaging apps surpassing the traffic of social media, you can easily predict that mobile chat apps are the future of mobile and WhatsApp is leading the charts with 1000 Million daily active users all around the world! It has captured 34% market share of chat app market.  The app allows user to make free app to app voice calls, share text, image, audio, location & video and 70% of its total users are daily active users!  Let’s get cracking on how much does it cost to develop an app like what’s app! Feature List of WhatsApp: Login/Register (Mobile […]
4th June 2015

Businesses Dependent On Android Developers For Application Development

Android is an open source operating system for which developers don’t need to pay authentication or license fees for android applications development. Moreover, they can even promote the apps with any third party software companies. Android gadgets have made revolutionary changes in the world and people don’t find any difficulty while using apps on their devices. With such convenience and easy-to-handle behavior, most businesses have started considering android development as an essential tool for availing result-driven apps to enhance business sales. Pre-requisites of android app development Developers can design a number of mobile apps using this open source platform. To […]
7th May 2015

Android Studio Shortcuts

Eclipse was the base IDE for android development. It was very easy for those who were beginners. But they have started to switch to android studio since it was introduced in Google I/O 2013. Since android studio has been declared as official android IDE, majority of experienced android developers have started using android studio. We also prefer to use it because of its great features. So here, we have listed the shortcuts that will be useful to you while developing using android studio.   Go to class Ctrl + N Go to file Ctrl + Shift + N Navigate open […]