27th June 2015

Which Programming Language Should I Learn First [ XpertLab ]?

Before choosing your first programming language, you should also check out this XpertLab on What Is Programming And What Do Programmers Do. So you want to learn programming. Maybe you have asked your developer friends for recommendations and get different answers. They explained with terms that you don’t understand (what is object-oriented?!). To help you to pick your first programming language to learn, here is an easy-to-understand XpertLab that recommends the best option, depending on your purpose and interest. Details such as learning difficulty, popularity, and average salary for each computer programming language are provided too. I have also compiled a list of best programming tools and […]
5th June 2015

Why To Learn Web Development

lmost everybody around you are learning web development now a days? And now you are searching for the exact reason that why everybody is going this way? Let me tell you the 5 reasons that why one should learn web development. I hope after reading this short and well explained article you will also equip your self with this great skill. Cutting the long story short, here are the 5 reasons:   1- High Income Potential: In the increasing trend of business and entrepreneurship all around the world it has become necessary for everyone to have a personal and a professional […]