6th October 2018
xpertlab crypto-jacking

Crypto-jacking epidemic spreads to 30K routers across India

The spate of crypto-jacking plaguing the internet shows no sign of slowing down. After infesting hundreds of thousands of routers in Brasil with cryptocurrency mining malware, reports indicate hackers have compromized a further 30,000 routers across India. As Hard Fork previously reported, black-hat hackers are waging a war on the internet. Attackers have already forced almost 280,000 MicroTik routers in Latin America to mine Monero (XMR) non-stop, so the discovery of the malware running on routers elsewhere is nothing but troubling. “The number of compromised routers [in India] has doubled in the past month,” wrote internet security unit Banbreach. “For […]
26th February 2015

Seven Secrets to a Perfect Work / Life Balance

Interested in achieving the perfect work/life balance? Feeling stressed and unable to balance both your social and emotional needs with that of your professional life? You are not alone, but more often than not it takes a reinvestment in the smaller details of your life than an overhaul of the entire thing. Here are seven secrets to get you back in balance. 1. The secret is, it shouldn’t be a secret. You need to openly state what it is that you want in your ideal day and open up dialogue between yourself and the people who can make that happen. […]