30th January 2015

Difference Between Native vs Hybrid Android App Development

Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Symbian etc. are the leading Operating Systems used in Smart devices like Phones and Tablets. There are more than 950,000 apps in iOS store, more than 750,000 apps in Play store and around 200,000 apps in Windows Phone and Blackberry’s play store. It has lead among users as a device can have just 1 operating system and hence have access to its app store but not to every app store. What is the difference between HTML5, Native and a Hybrid app? Which is better? Today most of the developers are facing 1 problem i.e. […]
28th January 2015

Why Website and Mobile Application is needful for Business?

n this era, people are using internet about 7-8 hour through desktop and mobile world. Number of Internet User are growing rapidly since a decades. Online Shopping is growing day by day. So there is more craze on Web just by connecting with many media. These media may include Desktop PC, Laptops , iPhone, Android, Blackberry , iPad and many other. So if there are a lot of user at the Website then there would be lots of user demand to gain better business over Web. So here’s how there is great need of “Website”. Why we need Website for […]
27th January 2015

Mobile Application Development

Making an application has become an interesting task especially with its increasing demand. People want new applications which are unique and can stand out from the rest. Thousands of applications are created and launched on daily basis. Some gets approved while some are disapproved on m any grounds. What makes a application special is the thought behind it. The idea of unique application is what makes the application out of the box and better than the best. If you are starter in making mobile application, do check the common mistakes that have been made by the developers in the past. […]
18th November 2014

Mobile Payment App with Credit Card Reader Integration

13th September 2014


Phonegap & phonegap Build are amazing technologies, unfortunately the documentation does not always tell you want you want to know. Here a compilation of issues I encountered while using phonegap build for the first time & how I solved them. Black bars only on iPhone 5 (not full size). I had this issue right from the start while using phonegap build, basically the iphone 5 app was the size of an iphone 4 screen. The only way to fix it is to add a plash screen with the screen size of the iphone 5 in the config.xml like this: <gap:splash […]