Student Insights ( Web Software )
7th February 2018
Hanshil Enterprise
7th February 2018
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  • Care Clinique is a PHP website for creating dynamic inquiry form exactly similar like the WordPress eForm Plug-in.
  • It has many more features than eForm Plugin and way more user-friendly than it.
  • It allows you to..
    • Custom Landing Page Creation
    • Customize the look N Feel
    • Custom URL for each landing page
    • Custom Form Creation
    • (Multi Step) Form Wizard Creation with Back/Next Optional Option
    • Custom Conditional Logic for each field
    • Drag & Drop System for placing or moving the form elements for more user-friendly experience which is not available in eForm.
    • Manage the users and their subscription who has created multiple landing pages
  • Technology : PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstarp for Responsive Design
  • URL :