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12th July 2017
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12th July 2017
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  • Welcome to Loveternational. A website committed to your forever. First, let’s get this out of the way…this is NOT a dating site. Success to us is not defined by helping you go on a date or two. Success is not a few months of fun or a long list of ‘hookups.’ Success is when you are standing there, face to face with your future spouse, ready to begin a wonderful forever. This is a marriage website.
  • The Loveternational philosophy is simple. We believe the love of your life is not always found in a searchable 20-mile radius of where you live. Sometimes, your love doesn’t live in the same city or country as you. Sometimes, your love might be all the way across the globe. We are committed to helping you bring your love home.
  • It is a Responsive Website.
  • Technology : php, mysql, javascript, jquery, ajax, html, css, html5, css3
  • URL :