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12th July 2017
Kisan Industries
12th July 2017
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  • You simply upload your audio, personal message or music through this website. After successfully uploading, you will be given a unique code to include on your greetings cards, posters, flyers etc. Once your cards, flyers, posters etc are out there (in the hands of who you are using PicVox to target), then the end user can download the PicVox App for FREE and hear as well as see your cards, posters etc.
  • It’s a great & inexpensive way for advertisers, businesses, bands etc to get their message / music heard or for friends & families to send a special message to loved ones. Why not add a personal audio message to your Christmas Cards, Party or Wedding Invitations.
  • Just remember, if it can be printed, it can now have audio on it!
  • It is a Responsive Website.
  • Technology : php, mysql, javascript, jquery, ajax, html, css, html5, css3
  • URL : thepicvox.com