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Yoga Sareeta
6th September 2016
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Sonaiya Exim
7th September 2016
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  • Vatsal Fabrics is a story that started from an idea to showcase the rich diversity of India through its textiles and fabrics.
  • On Vatsal Fabrics, you will find fabrics that are created by the skillful hands of the weavers of India.
  • These fabrics sourced from the weavers tell a story etched in colours and patterns – they reflect the different emotions of the weaver, as he/she would have crafted the fabric with a smooth precision of their hands.
  • Vatsal Fabrics provides attractive business look with responsive design.
  • Fully responsive website.
  • User friendly GUI.
  • Technology : php, mysql, javascript, jquery, ajax, html, css, html5, css3, responsive design
  • URL :