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6th September 2016
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6th September 2016
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  • Nifty Chintamani provide a Nifty and Bank nifty positional tips based on SPOT price. So to get the future price you have to calculate about premium and discount for trading in any month in future.
  • Nifty Chintamani don’t provide a Nifty and Bank nifty positional tips by SMS. But, in the our website you can see after Login from User tabs in menu.
  • Its totally guidance based on technical analysis software.
  • You are requested to take our 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL PLAN if you want to do positional trade in nifty and bank nifty as our trading system.
  • Technology : php, mysql, javascript, jquery, ajax, html, css, html5, css3, responsive design
  • URL :