Professional IT Project Training Company

Professional IT Training Company In Junagadh Gujarat

As a part of professional IT Training Company Junagadh, besides computer education, we provide skill development courses to enhance the competency and employability of the candidate as a part of their internship.

Initial Technology training

for which the candidate is selected, it is selected based on project requirement. Normally it could be one among Java,, PHP or Android. This technology training is conducted by expert programmers of respective technology. The core to advance modules of such technology are taught by the expert programmers.

The training part is taken under our training center .

Project Flow Understanding

sessions are held with senior project manager and programmers along with live project trainees. The idea behind this session is to explain the project requirements and defining the milestones of the project.

Documentation of Project

key modules, here the candidates and programmers are asked to define the flow diagrams, SRS document and ER diagram of the project.

Database design

phase is taken care by senior developers with project training candidates, this need approval from project manager

Module development

allocation is done by the project manager, each programmer and project trainee gets their module for development, this is the stage where programming starts for the project.

Unit testing

is done by each programmer who ever has developed the module before submiting the module for Quality assurance.

Integration of Modules

is carried out by senior members of the project with project manager while project trainees can review the process with other team members.

Quality assurance

is carried out by QA experts of the company, here the project training candidate has less work to do but they can get good exposure of QA process

Project deployment

on Live project server is the final stage of the project, the live servers are configured to upload the final copy of the server