Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Company In Junagadh Gujarat

SEO Overview

Owning a website is a need of today. Besides having an appealing web presence, a website should be designed to meet desired business objectives. The major goal of each business getting a website designed is to promote its brand and generate massive sales.

Comprehending business growth goals of clients, XpertLab has expertise in designing website, keeping search engines in mind to help its clients improve sales and grow their businesses using internet and their website as channels. we are working as a channel partner with our SEO clients in Junagadh Gujarat.

Unique Domain Name and Keywords

The foremost thing to do when SEO is brought into effect is selecting a unique domain name for the website. We begin our SEO process with the same followed by a strategic keyword research. As we know that SEO is all about keywords, therefore we pick the keywords with highest search engine rankings and incorporate them smartly on different web pages, domain name, titles, meta descriptions etc. so as to make a website easily crawlable on search engines.

Keeping Coding Clean

Stuffing a website with unnecessary codes not just obstructs a website functioning but it also wanes the quality of a website. Extraneous codes will increase the loading time, making it hard for search engine bots to find the desired information on the website for indexing.

Standard Compliant Codes

The coding of a website done in HTML or CSS is compliant with modern W3C Standards. This is done to enable search engines monsters to easily crawl through the content of the website for improving rankings.

Optimizing URL Structure

URLs play a significant role in deciding the amount of traffic website can get. Keeping this mind, we structure URLs of website in a way that make it easy for visitors to search the products and services they are looking for. We incorporate keywords in URL of different web pages to make it search engine friendly.

Heading Tag

Heading tags are another important part of a website from search engine perspective. We, at LIT use the most important keywords in heading tags so as to add value and improve ranking. H1 tags are used for the main heading while H2 and H3 are used for the subheadings.