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3rd April 2019
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Bootstrap 4.0


We Often heard About ‘Bootstrap’, But What Is It? If You Don’t Know Then Here It is With Latest Updates And It’s Features.

What Is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is the most popular CSS Framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites.
Benefits Of Use This Framework :

  • Prevent repetition between projects
  • Utilize responsive design to allow your website to adapt to various screen sizes – mobile, desktop, and everything in between
  • Add consistency to design and code between projects and between developers
  • Quickly and easily prototype new designs
  • Ensure cross-browser compatibility

Versions Of Bootstraps :

Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world’s most popular front-end component library. The Biggest Advantage Of It That It’s Open-Source.

So, It’s Various Versions Of It, But It’s Popular Version Is Bootstrap V-3.0, And Now A Days There Is More Update Of V-4.0.

Features Of Bootstrap 4.0 :

The new version is a refinement of last Beta version. It includes stabilized key pieces of CSS, improved documentation, and some new features.

Updated Print Styles And Utility Classes

There is a great improvement in the rendering of printed pages. It ensures the reasonable size of pages rather than making them fit mobile screens only. The print utility classes hold a new set of display values to match standard display utilities.

Additive Border Utilities

It is providing additive border utilities to quickly add all borders to your components. The default border is set to a solid 1px light gray color.

Sass Map Updation

The $spacers and $sizes Sass maps are updated for more customization. They will work the same way as color maps. You allowed to add, remove, or replace all your key-value pairs to generate families of related CSS. Sass maps have default flags that can be overridden or overwritten.

Added Documentation

The new documentation added to for using the CSS variables. Bootstrap 4 provides around 2 dozen of CSS variables. These help for easy access to theme colors, breakpoints, and primary font stacks etc. It will be really useful for the users who don’t want to use Sass.

New Responsive Classes

The new responsive classes .order-0 and .order-last introduced for more control over the flexbox grid.

Endorsement For Bootstrap Approach

Bootstrap 4 stable version introduces the new concept of documenting its approach. This is a brief overview of some of the guiding principles, strategies to build and maintain Bootstrap. Therefore It simply means what Bootstrap is doing and why it is doing that. The intent behind this is to endorse all the things that they keep in mind while writing code, building links, and debugging.

Thus, In addition to this, plenty of enhancements made to reuse and extend variables and general code cleanup.