4 Reasons To Have A Website

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4th November 2016
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28th March 2017
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4 Reasons To Have A Website


The intention of writing this article is to make people realise why you should have a website. Since 2010 we have developed 100+ website. Many times we have asked our clients, why you want to have a website for your business. 40% of clients answered us, “Most reputed companies related to our business are having a website. So it doesn’t look good if our clients find that we don’t have a website.”

So here are the 4 core reasons why you should have a website

  1. When you want to grow your business
    A website can help you to grow your business if people start finding about your business through internet search. In this way people will start find you and you can grow your client list.
  2. When your business have regular updates to share
    Let say, you are in fashion designing, you want your clients to know what new things you have designed so that your clients can check your website and get updates. Apart from website there many means to update your clients about your new products or services via email, sms, whatspp, social media etc.
  3. When you have very large range of products or services
    Many manufactures and services provider have a wide range of products where they can’t explain in one meeting or on phone calls, for them it’s good to have a website where you can share your website.
  4. If you’re a professional/freelancer/consultant
    A professional person should have their website, where they can share their skill, experience and work history. It can even work as a resume in some scenarios.

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