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Art In The City
6th September 2016
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Roddy Macdonald
6th September 2016
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  • At Creative we are committed to supply precision parts with guaranteed material & casting quality.
  • Supply over 4500 different types of castings in as cast & in fully machined conditions to almost every field of engineering applications such as pumps & valves, Defense, oil & refinery, fire control equipment automobiles etc.
  • User can download various certificates for their verification.
  • Creative Cast Admin can upload excel sheet in which its customers details like name, address, email etc. is mention, automatically mail is send to all customers who already receive product. This is the main feature of this website.
  • Also admin can manage product management system, stock management system, Account management system, Inquiry management system etc.
  • Word wide supply of products.
  • User friendly GUI
  • Technology : php, mysql, javascript, jquery, ajax, html, css, html5, css3, responsive design, content management system
  • URL :