12th April 2017

How To Make Your Website Load Faster?

  If you are a website owner or administrator and your website loads slow than this blog post is perfect for you. Many website owners usually asked this question to us why their website is slow and how it can be improve. Being a leading website design company we at XpertLab have done extensive research on website loading time and the causes of slow website load. There are many reasons for slow website loading problem, we will identify those reasons in this blog post however it is important to understand the why website speed is big issue for you ? Slow […]
23rd November 2015

Web Designer V/S Web Developer:Differences in the Work Pattern

Website is quite a common term to everyone these days. Even children at their teen have access to the term. Still many who are closely associated with websites do not know the fundamental difference between the terms namely website designing and website development.    There are educated professionals who include custom website development as a subcategory of website designing. The reality is that both terms are separate entities having some relatively close connections.   For making things more simple, let us put it in such a way that a website has two faces; one the front end that is visible […]
27th June 2015

Which Programming Language Should I Learn First [ XpertLab ]?

Before choosing your first programming language, you should also check out this XpertLab on What Is Programming And What Do Programmers Do. So you want to learn programming. Maybe you have asked your developer friends for recommendations and get different answers. They explained with terms that you don’t understand (what is object-oriented?!). To help you to pick your first programming language to learn, here is an easy-to-understand XpertLab that recommends the best option, depending on your purpose and interest. Details such as learning difficulty, popularity, and average salary for each computer programming language are provided too. I have also compiled a list of best programming tools and […]
5th June 2015

Web Development: A proper post launch strategy

If you take one lesson away from these blogs it’s the importance of a post launch strategy. Almost every word I’ve written, every blog we’ve posted is about a post launch strategy. Link building is part of it, social media management is part of it, deciding if you want PPC is another. Every single one of these things is part of your post-launch strategy. But is there a specific order with which to do things? The simple answer is no, but there are certainly things to avoid, and things to tick off your list, to make the transition from pre-launch […]
16th March 2015

25-point Website Usability Checklist

  Web design project can be pretty vast, even the simplest of designs would require extensive planning and implementation and would have to follow an entire process to successfully complete it. It’s quite possible to miss out certain things amidst all that madness. Once you have a checklist in place its easy to do a follow up and strike off tasks as you proceed towards the completion of the project. A perfect checklist would obviously come with experience, so here’s what I thought should be included in a designer’s checklist. While drafting a checklist, how deep you want to delve […]