Php Framework

8th April 2017

Types of Websites

  When you first time meet your website developer, than they will ask one common question that what type of website do you want? That time you are sure about you requirement but you may not be respond him/her as you don’t know the terminology of Web Developing Environment. Let me explain you about some basic information about Types of Website. Now this article will help you for your esteemed company or firm to make your website development as per your requirement. Types of Websites As the end user how do you know which type of website to choose for […]
4th November 2016

Web Development Using Laravel

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages when it comes to web development. There are several content management systems (CMS), and MVC frameworks that have been developed using PHP. Laravel is one of the frameworks that has been developed using PHP as the base programming language. Laravel is an open-source PHP web development framework that is free to download and setup. It is an MVC framework with some dependence on a modular packaging system. Laravel is one of the more recent frameworks and in spite of that is currently one of the most popular PHP framework.  It is […]
6th September 2016

How Content Management Systems Have Changed The Face Of The Internet

The Internet would not be what it is today without content management systems. At its beginnings, the technology supporting it was difficult to use for simple people. There was a time when technology was not dedicated to the masses and when navigating on the Internet from your phone was not necessarily sci-fi, but at least a daunting task. A few years had to pass until the technology became mainstream and affordable and until using gadgets became very intuitive and easy. Nowadays, almost nobody reads the instructions when buying a new smartphone or a tablet. The operating mode is almost identical […]
16th June 2015

When & Why to Use PHP Framework?

Over the last few years web development industry has seen ground breaking changes in frameworks. As the time has gone popular PHP frameworks like Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony, Zend and CodeIgniter have just got more bigger and better and become handy tool for developers to build giant application effortlessly. PHP is one of the widely used languages for web development and almost every reputed CMS system use PHP as a base programming language. Some really popular CMS like WordPress and Joomla are written in PHP and one of the widely accepted and giant eCommerce system called Magento has been built with […]
16th June 2015

Popular PHP Frameworks

t seems that the most popular PHP frameworks are: Laravel (1st), Phalcon (2nd), and Symphony2 (3rd). I found the following graphic (from December 2013) that highlights popularity by percentage of the market (though I can’t guarantee its accuracy). As far as jobs go, on only Laravel had more than 3 positions referring to the framework by name. There were actually 42 PHP developer positions that mention Laravel out of 2,115 PHP developer positions. So, it seems learning a specific framework for PHP doesn’t yet have much market appeal. While learning the basics of PHP are generic, frameworks expedite process […]