28th January 2015

Why Website and Mobile Application is needful for Business?

n this era, people are using internet about 7-8 hour through desktop and mobile world. Number of Internet User are growing rapidly since a decades. Online Shopping is growing day by day. So there is more craze on Web just by connecting with many media. These media may include Desktop PC, Laptops , iPhone, Android, Blackberry , iPad and many other. So if there are a lot of user at the Website then there would be lots of user demand to gain better business over Web. So here’s how there is great need of “Website”. Why we need Website for […]
10th April 2014

Beginner’s Guide to Ajax Development with PHP

Starting with jQuery Ajax When coding in standard JavaScript we are stuck using a method called XMLHttpRequest. The jQuery Ajax method is a more simplified way of handling this HTTP request, and you have a large index of documentation explaining each of the various options. I’ll be demonstrating two different styles of handling Ajax requests using different return values from PHP. First I’ve created a new page, index.html, along with a related stylesheet. I won’t go over these codes so if you’re interested just download the project source. I also downloaded a local copy of jQuery along with a blank JavaScript file named ajax.js. <div> […]