8th April 2017

Types of Websites

  When you first time meet your website developer, than they will ask one common question that what type of website do you want? That time you are sure about you requirement but you may not be respond him/her as you don’t know the terminology of Web Developing Environment. Let me explain you about some basic information about Types of Website. Now this article will help you for your esteemed company or firm to make your website development as per your requirement. Types of Websites As the end user how do you know which type of website to choose for […]
6th September 2016

How Content Management Systems Have Changed The Face Of The Internet

The Internet would not be what it is today without content management systems. At its beginnings, the technology supporting it was difficult to use for simple people. There was a time when technology was not dedicated to the masses and when navigating on the Internet from your phone was not necessarily sci-fi, but at least a daunting task. A few years had to pass until the technology became mainstream and affordable and until using gadgets became very intuitive and easy. Nowadays, almost nobody reads the instructions when buying a new smartphone or a tablet. The operating mode is almost identical […]
5th June 2015

Why To Learn Web Development

lmost everybody around you are learning web development now a days? And now you are searching for the exact reason that why everybody is going this way? Let me tell you the 5 reasons that why one should learn web development. I hope after reading this short and well explained article you will also equip your self with this great skill. Cutting the long story short, here are the 5 reasons:   1- High Income Potential: In the increasing trend of business and entrepreneurship all around the world it has become necessary for everyone to have a personal and a professional […]
5th June 2015

Web Development: A proper post launch strategy

If you take one lesson away from these blogs it’s the importance of a post launch strategy. Almost every word I’ve written, every blog we’ve posted is about a post launch strategy. Link building is part of it, social media management is part of it, deciding if you want PPC is another. Every single one of these things is part of your post-launch strategy. But is there a specific order with which to do things? The simple answer is no, but there are certainly things to avoid, and things to tick off your list, to make the transition from pre-launch […]
2nd June 2015
Difference between WordPress website and PHP website


here are many who prefer to use WordPress to develop their website, while some like to use PHP website. By understanding its different features, the individual can take a better a better decision to use the one that would perfectly fit his website requirements. What is PHP and its features? It is a language, which is designed specifically for web programming having built-in integration along with well known database open source MySQL. The reasons for many to use PHP for creating a website are as follows: East to begin with: Starting with PHP is easy as a beginner. The user […]