5th June 2015

Web Development: A proper post launch strategy

If you take one lesson away from these blogs it’s the importance of a post launch strategy. Almost every word I’ve written, every blog we’ve posted is about a post launch strategy. Link building is part of it, social media management is part of it, deciding if you want PPC is another. Every single one of these things is part of your post-launch strategy. But is there a specific order with which to do things? The simple answer is no, but there are certainly things to avoid, and things to tick off your list, to make the transition from pre-launch […]
12th March 2015

Why content marketing is King in SEO ?

Marketing in the digital world is getting new avenues everyday and everyone wants to get on the top of the search results. Black hat techniques are the things of past and Google started penalizing such sites. The recent Google Panda update targeted Spam sites and low quality sites which existed just to get the search traffic. Another important update Google Penguin 3 was introduced in Oct 17, 2014 in which a new algorithm has been put into place to get the most relevant searches. This resulted into sharp dip of rankings for those sites who were using black hat/unfair techniques […]
6th February 2015

5 Marketing Lessons to Learn From NaMo

 “He came, He Saw, He Conquered”   The words originally used to describe Julius Caesar perfectly waxes lyrical praises for our dear PM Narendra Modi. A go-getter and a man who walks the talk, Narendra Modi has had a long winding journey from being a Chaiwalla (Tea Stall) to sitting on the most prestigious Chair in our country. We heartily appreciate his efforts and strategies, so we want to bring 5 Marketing Strategies that made Modi the Man of Substance. The guru-mantra to marketing is perfectly captured and put into practice by Narendra Modi and the team backing him up. […]